Uncover blind spots.
Spotlight unconscious patterns.
Integrate in business performance.

No hard skills can be executed if the human skills are not in alignment with the environment, the team, the motivation and the shared vision.


Digitisation, with its side effects of faster communication, increased performance expectations and a flood of available information, is a huge challenge for companies and the human brain. It requires new approaches and perspectives. 


Consequently, the business world is challenging and changing quickly. It is the exceptional skill of Melanie Albisser to make this process less challenging for you and your company. This is done according to the latest neurological findings.


  1. Evaluate the blind spots in your company culture, business performance, communication, leadership style, hiring processes, goal definition and orientation. 

  2. Carry out a now/future gap analysis.

  3. Define a strategy.

  4. Finally, implement targeted changes according to neurological findings.


The beneficiaries are executives, business owners and other professionals who have decided to change business culture, improve communication, hire employees with human skills in mind alongside the usual hard skills and more. 



Melanie has been successfully running her own business for over 30 years with a reliable sense for trends and innovations. 


Her many years of study in the neurosciences, together with her entrepreneurial experience, form the basis of her consulting activities.


She leads companies on a conscious and effective path to more diversity, innovation, trust, real commitment and respect. Enabling people and teams to achieve their authentic performance is her designated key competence.

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The influence of the following neuroscience disciplines provides crucial input into Melanie Albisser’s work: genetics, neurochemistry, neuroanatomy, psychology, psychiatry, evolutionary biology and sociology.



Uncover the unconsciously driven aspects of non-target communication. Analyse and practice these aspects in order to develop communication that is fair to the addressees.



Analysis of the actual situation leads to a tailored, step-by-step programme to create a more diverse, respectful, creative, productive and innovative company culture. This culture management programme includes specifically crafted content for turnarounds. 



Create a contemporary and future-orientated hiring process and find the most adequate personal fit to your company, your teams and your company vision, all according to the latest findings from the neurosciences.