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Invisible behavioural drivers are factors that confront you with insurmountable challenges until they become visible and appropriate measures can be developed and implemented. 

Recognising these patterns and developing measures that correspond to the human brain is Melanie Albisser’s area of expertise. 


In the process, fears of change can be overcome and stronger feelings of belonging – and consequently more motivation to achieve a common goal – can be generated. 

The resulting clarity and transparency in corporate matters leads to increased self-regulation and responsibility, as well as growing psychological security. 


These factors automatically lead to an increased entrepreneurial output, to happy and mentally healthy employees and, of course, to a high-quality product. 

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  1. Evaluate the blind spots in your company culture, business performance, communication, leadership style, hiring processes, goal definition and orientation. 

  2. Carry out a now/future gap analysis.

  3. Define a strategy.

  4. Finally, implement targeted changes according to neurological findings.


The beneficiaries are executives, business owners and other professionals who have decided to change business culture, improve communication, hire employees with human skills in mind alongside the usual hard skills and more. 

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You will receive a fresh perspective on how to improve your team to a well-performing and diverse one to achieve great results.


Together we will work out the neurological profiles of your current employees and bring distinct skills that are lacking, to work as a complimentary resource. Optimal, personalised decisions preserve for highly unprofitable financial and time investments and save your particular knowhow. 


Through more conscious and targeted communication, goals are implemented more clearly and concretely. This saves time and money.


Your corporate culture will offer psychological security to employees, provide space and support for growth, understand how to motivate employees where the real motivation takes place and achieve desired goals in a timely manner, with healthy employees and a sustainable result.


Reduce fear of change and create a workplace with less stress and more room for innovation and growth.


Create sustainable solutions for effective and efficient performance. 

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